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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

E/S Palette with Swatches

Disclaimer: This post is loaded with images so I chose to re-size the photos for loading purposes. Click on the images for a larger view (especially for the swatches)

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to my new visitors! please subscribe or follow if you have a google+ account! should you have queries about make-up, feel free to e-mail me at and I'd be glad to help you. As promised, I'll talk about my favorite E/S palettes.

Stila dream in full color

This was a holiday palette which came with their cult favorite smudge stick waterproof eyeliner. There are 29 eye shadows and 7 cheek colors on this palette. one look at this and some of you may think that there are too many colors that you don't know which goes well together. Actually, that is not the case! The unique design of the palette contains curved shapes of coordinating eye shadows to use for your base, crease, lash line and lids. - that means you have to start at the middle of the palette (which is Kitten-one of their most popular eye shadow, if not most popular) choose a "petal" then follow the curve down. Honestly, I don't follow this (hehe) because I like to experiment and try different looks that I can come up with!

E/S Kitten. (your) Left - with primer. Right - w/o primer

To make sure that the color of your E/S shows AND lasts, use an eye primer, Etude house has a cheap one you can find about it HERE.

Based on the palette design, Stila created 7 different combinations

I'm sure you're quite confused right now as to which e/s color I'm talking about, here's a diagram: The pattern with the arrow is Stargaze, Just move to the next petal to see each combination.

Sleek - Divine

Next is my Sleek Divine palette. I bought this last December, you can purchase this through online sellers only-I think. I LOVE this palette, very pigmented and has a reasonable price, I got mine for only 650 pesos!

Top row
Bottom row- yes, this is what I reach for when I want something smoky!
This palette is worth every cent! the color payoff is really good and lasts for hours. I did not use any primer on these, so you can really see how good the pigmentation is.

My Estee Lauder palette- mostly neutrals. Perfect for weddings
Prestige eye shadows
I know my prestige ones are not palettes but i just had to include it on this post! Ironic as it may sound I don't often wear eye shadows when I go out despite the amount of make-up I have, but when I do this is what I often use.

That's about it! next time I'll post a tutorial on either one of these: 

comment/message or e-mail me which one you'd like to see first! :)

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