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Monday, August 20, 2012

Let's talk about primers

Back in college I started building my make-up kit: powder, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and an eyeliner and as I grew older more products came in: foundation, eyebrow powder, lip liner and gloss.

When I heard about primers, I did not give much attention to it. I figured my face is too oily and I dont want to add more stuff on my face. (plus I'm lazy)

This is my current "make-up bag" quite a lot for a make-up bag dont you think? :)

When I attended make-up school, I learned the basic rules and importance of each product. This is when I realized that I've been skipping the most important step for my skin type, yep, primers.

For "lucky" girls like me who has an endless supply of oil, primers are our best friend. I never considered buying one before because I never knew that it can help on controlling oil aside from keeping our foundation and eyeshadows last.

Benefit's porefessional - my husband got this for me in a different country because at that time Benefit was not locally available. lucky for us the brand decided to open a store at greenbelt! This product does NOT heal or minimize pores, it is a primer which covers visible pores to make our skin look even and better when foundation is applied. - a must for me!

Smashbox photo finish - a highly recommended primer by my teacher and other make up artists! If you are a new MUA and building up your traincase, invest on this, your clients will thank you!

and lastly, Proof 10 eye primer by etude house. Now I know it is not as good as Urban Decay's popular primer but since it's still not available locally (quite hard to get one as it is often sold out on trusted online stores) I substitute Proof 10 and it does work! :)

Benefit available at greenbelt and shangri-la counter. Price : I did not purchase mine here, but I heard it is around 1,900 to 2,100 please correct me if I'm wrong.
Smashbox available at beauty bar. Price: 850 for 15ml
Etude house proof 10 eye primer around 200.

next time I'll talk about my eye shadow palettes that I truly love! I have a LOT and currently adding more, heehee! :)

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