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Monday, August 20, 2012

Mature Skin

backlog..backlog..backlog! Oh my, I don't even know what to post first! Okay enough of me, time for a new portfolio post!

Have I ever mentioned how hard it is, or should I say the most difficult skin type to work with is a mature one? As we grow older our skin gets dry (I guess mine has to wait as I still have LOTS of oil in my oil bank) which causes lines and roughness. The eyelids also begin to sag which makes eye make-up even more challenging! (hello, where's the eyeliner?) You can't just pin-point which foundation and make-up to use, you need to be careful as some products can enhance the visibility of fine lines which can make them look older.

This is my ninang, would you believe she's 63 years old? or was that 64? I don't even recall. All I know is that she looks young on this picture! and yes since it's a backlog this was taken probably around February or March, haha.

According to my teacher a gel liner is the best for mature skin types. We don't use that much primer on them too because their skin is already dry which may cause creasing and we wouldn't want that, wouldn't we?

Products used (since again this is a backlog, I tried my best to remember the products used)

- small amount of Smashbox Photo finish primer
- Revlon Photo ready foundation & lip color
- Stila E/S dream catcher palette (both for eyes and brows)
- Proof 10 eye primer
- Elf Gel liner & blush
- Prestige Blush

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