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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Eat Out: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Wow! What happened to April? I was so busy last month that I had no time to blog! Anyway, since it's the first day of the month, I thought I should start updating my blog again. I'll start with a food post that I have been crazy for the last few weeks.

We've seen a handful of cupcake stores around the metro for years now. I have been a fan of Sonja to the point that I purchase at least 2 cupcakes every time I get the chance to visit Serendra. Late last year, I was walking around the new glorietta wing when I saw this new cupcake store, unfortunately I was too full to even look so I went on and decided to check it some other time. 

I totally forgot about it not until I went to Alabang Town Center last April and saw a newly opened branch of Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. Since it was too early for lunch, my husband and I decided to drop by. And here's what I have been missing...
The theme was a mix of vintage and Alice in wonderland, if that makes any sense at all. The bottom line is that the place was too cute! everyone who stepped in commented on how the place was well thought of. I've visited 2 branches, glorietta and ATC, for me the ATC branch was so much better.
The seats were huge and attractive! and the store has charming and authentic "Daphne" chairs.
Cupcake display.
I was able to try 6 cupcake flavors from their menu: vanilla, red velvet, smores, banana nutella, decadent and valrhona. Being a self proclaimed baker, I love valrhona the most while the husband loves the smores and red velvet cupcake. The vanilla cupcake is very good as well.

Their vanilla cupcakes come in two colors: pastel blue and pink. I tried both! :P
pink vanilla cupcake
My husband loves red velvet. He used to love the red velvet cupcake from Sophie's mom, now he claims that Vanilla cupcake bakery has the best one. I couldn't agree more.
I love Sonja's cupcakes because of their Valrhona cupcakes, but I must admit that I was smitten by Vanilla cupcakes' light, fluffy and not overly sweet valrhona cupcakes!

Compared to Sonja's and Sophie's mom, Vanilla cupcake bakery's prices are higher but I don't mind, with the quality of their cupcakes, service and store ambiance, I'll keep coming back.
Price range: 75 to 100 pesos each.

 I am also lucky enough to try the famous Sprinkles cupcakes from the United States (the owner is the female judge in Cupcake Wars), but with all honesty, I think we can buy better tasting cupcakes from Sonja's and Vanilla cupcake bakery than Sprinkles. I was able to try 4 flavors from Sprinkles: red velvet, smores, black and white and chocolate. Price was around 2 to 3 dollars each! *Just my opinion, though. This is coming from a person who loves to eat sweets, thus, eaten and tried a lot of patisserie.

On my next post: I'll be featuring a Mac lipstick that I am currently in-love with. Can you guess what it is?


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  2. Woah. Thanks for the review. Its very helpful. Hope I can visit this cupcakery soon. :)


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