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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eat Out: BURGR by Gordon Ramsay Las Vegas, Nevada

Happy 2013 everyone! My husband and I spent our holidays in Las Vegas and California, we definitely missed our traditional family reunions especially that it was a first for me to be absent. I miss screaming my heart out while breathing a smoke infused air on new year's eve but all is well, we had an awesome time during our vacation which I am about to share in a bit!

A few years back I gave up on watching local soap operas because they often end up with the same plot. I gave interest on shows involving cooking and baking and I'm sure that "Gordon Ramsay" is no foreign name when it comes to these shows. I've probably watched all of his shows from Master Chef, Hell's Kitchen, The F word, Kitchen Nightmares you name it! His TV persona is a "love or hate him" type which I no doubt love.

We left for Las Vegas last December 22, 2012 and booked 6 nights at Planet Hollywood. Lucky for us (or should I say ME) we saw Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant in the Hotel Called BURGR yes, with a missing "E" because the last two letters stands for "Gordon Ramsay".

(some of the photos are low quality because those were taken from my husband's cellular phone.)
The Kitchen

 We were greeted by a spacious dining room which can seat 200 persons. The interiors will definitely remind you of Hell's Kitchen minus the screaming chefs. 

 The menu.
They serve gourmet burgers, truffle fries, milkshakes, hot dogs, extensive beer list and robust cocktail. The menu by the way is for you to keep.

Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen photo.

Beer and Cocktail menu. Interactive! No, you can't keep this one!

I cant find my menu right now and I actually forgot the name of this! Here we had onion rings but not the usual type. Our server happily discussed every single detail about each order and me drooling forgot most of what he said! This was around $8 - I promise to update this part when I find the menu.

Britannia Burger $14

I ordered the Britannia Burger (took a picture when we're almost done, haha!) which has an english sharp cheddar, mango chutney and arugula. By the way, the server will ask you how you'd like your burgers cooked. I had mine in well done because I often see burgers cooked in that manner on Gordon's shows. He said it was one of the most technical way of cooking that a lot of chefs couldn't perfect. A well done burger has no pink inside but juicy and moist.

Hell's Kitchen Burger $14
My husband had the Hell's Kitchen burger which had asadero cheese, roasted jalapeƱo peppers, avocado and oven roasted tomato.

During our stay we had the chance to eat there twice! I got a different burger but I liked Britannia better, probably because it was a bit sweet. If you get the chance to visit Las Vegas, be sure to try Burgr because the experience is definitely worth it! Considering the location and portions, the price was actually good.

Try it, yes?

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