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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Eat Out: Little Tokyo

I've always wanted to visit Japan in fact, it is the only country I vowed to visit when I was younger! (thanks to all those anime shows). I've been curious about their culture, fashion, language and most especially their food. Thank God I have a husband who shares the same craziness as mine but we have to put my "dream vacation" on hold due to other priorities which I know will turn out better for us. :)

I've known that a truly good Japanese Restaurant are the ones frequent by Japanese themselves, if they don't think it's up to par, they'll stop eating and play with the food instead. My mother who works in a Japanese firm and my Step-father who has a Japanese relative told me that this was indeed true.
As part of our anniversary "food date" I knew I had to include this cuisine in our itinerary! I've considered those expensive hotel restaurants but something else caught my attention. 

Little Tokyo is a small type of village composed of authentic Japanese restaurants wherein the owners were said to be good friends. I've read a LOT of blogs about the said place and I sure am glad to have found them. Unlike any other Japanese restaurant I've tried, this place is packed with Japanese which is definitely a good sign! Japanese cuisine is best made and prepared by Japanese chefs of course! 

Some restaurants open only during dinner so we had some time to try out Hana which was known for their takoyaki.

Takoyaki 6 pcs per order - P120
I believe this is a "sweet" snack in Japan. Unlike the takoyaki carts in the mall, this one has octopus bits inside. I was looking forward to try this one as I recall trying authentic takoyaki in Singapore, it was so good! I can't give a verdict for Hana's takoyaki yet because we only tried it when we got home. Now I have an excuse to drop by Hana again soon! haha :) nonetheless, it was good and my husband declined sharing the last few pieces with me!

Seryna opens at 6 in the evening and it was definitely packed with customers. It is right beside the little tokyo arc and since we got there early, we had a good parking slot.

Seryna's menu. Both in Japanese and english.
Complimentary pot of Oolong tea
Kani Salad P240
Our Pinoy version of Kani Salad contains Kani (crab), shredded cucumber, Japanese mayo and sometimes ripe mango. We were surprised when our Kani Salad was served, it had shredded cabbage instead of the usual cucumber. The taste was not exactly that different but there was something else that I can't pinpoint what it was. Different, but in a good way.

Salmon Sashimi P240
A must for us when we dine on Japanese restaurants.

Ebi Tempura with a dollop of fine shredded radish. 3 pcs P240
Not a fan of tempura but I ate 2 pcs of this.

Yakitori sticks P240
Spicy Tuna Roll P240
The star of our dinner! I loved how spicy and crunchy they were inside!

We had a really good time in Little Tokyo! I'd definitely try Kagura's okonomiyaki on our next visit!

Little Tokyo is situated between Pasong Tamo St. and Amorsolo St. in Makati City, Philippines.


  1. Ate, please take me there ;___; nyahahaha!

    1. Nag chat kayo ni tom tungkol don sa takoyaki no? :))

  2. The cuisine looks amazing! I never knew there was a city like that in Makati D: I'd love to visit that place one day.

    1. Thank Chikage, it is! :) my favorite cuisine!


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