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Monday, October 22, 2012

Eat Out: Cake Club

Hi everyone! I've reached 3,000 hits from different countries, thank you very much for checking out my blog. 

We've recently tried Cake Club at Bonifacio Highstreet Central in Taguig. If The word "Royce" meant heaven and Valrhona for bakers like me *cough* *cough* meant supreme then this place is perfect for you!

Le Royale : 250 per slice. Above : supermoist chocolate cake ice cream 180 2 scoops.

They have one of the best pastry selection in town! Quite pricey but this cake slice was good enough to share. I love that they used Valrhona, it does make a huge difference. The ice cream was also really good! It had tiny bits of chocolate cake in it. 

They also have shelves of Royce goodies, better save up before going to cake club! The place was just so heavenly yet sinfull.

Visit The Cake Club at UG/F Bonifacio Highstreet Central.


  1. All that chocolate goodness *q*

    Btw, I tagged you in my latest pots! :)

    1. oh yes! it was heavenly! thanks for the tag chikage! :) will do it!

  2. OMG. I'd love to devour that ice cream! *V*

    1. it was soooo good! :) you'd better try it! :)

  3. Wow! Never tried that place yet. Will check that out when I have the chance to drop by Bonifacio High Street. Suddenly have the craving for chocolates. :/

  4. Dear Karla,

    You have a very lovely & interesting blog. So, i decided to follow you. Do you mind to follow me back at

    Good luck to your blog and upcoming posts too!

  5. Hello Misha, thank you! Followed you back :)


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