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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tutorial: Everyday Make-up

Tutorial time! Before I show how to do smoky eyes, night make-up or even avant garde I thought of sharing how to do an everyday make-up first. here's a before and after shot:

yes, the before shot is just gross so please don't stress it out. :)
I'll be talking about lids,crease and other terms that *might* be a bit difficult to picture out for some so here's a diagram:
by the way, I've done a bit of eye make-up here but don't worry I'll show a step-by-step

Legend: Red-browbone, Black-crease, Blue-Lid and Green-Outer V. Let's start! Before anything else, make sure you cleanse your face, moisturize and apply correctors (if needed, do this prior to foundation application). Apply your foundation either by using your brush or sponge. I use my fingers most of the time, haha.
Apply concealer
This I need to do most of the time! gently pat the concealer to blend, please don't rub. Once completely blended, set with a lose powder using a big fluffy brush.

Find your crease!
I like to start with defining my crease so incase I mess up, I can easily cover it up with my lid make-up. Your crease is the space between your eyeballs and brow bone, you can easily feel it with your fingers. Take a warm brown eyeshadow and brush it to your crease using a bullet or crease brush. start from the out most part of your crease sweeping your brush halfway in (you can do the whole crease, but I prefer it halfway). You can chose to deepen your Outer V like what I did!

Take a beige or light gold eyeshadow and using a flat brush, dust it all over your lids. (please check the diagram above if you're lost, hehe)

Highlight your brow bone and inner corner of your eyes with a light and shimmery eyeshadow.

Line your eyes! I prefer to use browns because I feel that black is too strong for me, makes me look older. :S you can chose to make it thicker, flick it up at the end or make it thinner. I Flick it up a bit at the end to make my eyes look bigger.

If you used a liquid liner, wait for it to dry before doing this next step! take the warm brown eyeshadow again using the flat brush, line your lower lash line half way (follow the red line) then line the remaining half with the highlighter you used for your brow bone.

Fill in your brows! it is important to frame your face. then use a mascara wand brush to keep your brow hair in place!

Curl your lashes and apply mascara.
Final eye make-up:

Just apply blush and lipstick! I don't contour and highlight most of the time, maybe only on special occasions but if you're just going to work, strolling the mall or meeting up with friends you can do without those (not unless you really want to, right?)

Products Used:

 Some items may not be seen on this photo

Foundation: Dream On by Etude House
Concealer: Surprise me, Etude House
Eye Primer: Proof 10 eye primer, Etude house
Setting powder: Mac, I use my pressed powder to set everything.
Suesh Make-up toolkit brushes
Eyeshadow & highlighter: Prestige and Sleek
Eyeliner: Prestige liquid eyeliner
Mascara: Estee Lauder lash primer and Maybelline Mascara
Blush: Prestige
Eyebrows: in2it
Lip color: Maybelline


  1. What did you use for your brows? What is its color? :D

    1. Hi Biena! I used in2it, its the small black case with three shades inside (please see the photo of "products used", its on the upper left side) I mixed the darkest and medium brown. :) thanks for visiting, will check your blog too!

  2. I'm not really good with make-up. Thanks for sharing. Will take note of this. :)

    1. Glad to share! :) thanks for visiting! :)


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