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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cleaning up! + review

Those who are into make-up probably owns a couple or more of brushes and for MUAs like me, we need to have a lot and not just ordinary brushes, we need good quality ones! 

Even on regular "make-up kits", you need to own good brushes to blend out your eyeshadow and fluffy brushes for your blush because those free foam-tip sticks that you get from make-up sets never really does the job! But we all know that good brushes (like the ones from mac) doesn't come cheap.

Lucky for me, I got introduced to Suesh make-up toolkit! Last year, I joined their comprehensive make up workshop and got the chance to try out their brushes. There are three important points for me when it comes to make up brushes: doesn't shed, soft and does the job especially in blending. 

Of course the price matters because we pinoys are price conscious! 

Suesh 12-piece make-up brush set for only 2,200! 

On the first day of our workshop I purchased this set and as a student I got a 10% discount,yay! I had these for a year now and I always wash them after use because I am that OC. After a year of use (and washing) these brushes never shed! They remained as soft as they were when I bought them and I never had trouble blending out. My mama loved the bullet brush (5th from left) which I need to hide from her because she might ask for it,haha.

My brushes are quite dirty and I thought of doing a tutorial tomorrow, so today I gave them a good wash!

Quite simple, wet the strands/hair but never anywhere beyond that. Pour a small amount of shampoo on your palm and swirl your brush around. Rinse.

It is also important that you lay them flat to dry.

Good as new! Ready for tomorrow's tutorial! :)

I am glad I bought this set and if ever I need to replace or buy more, I know where to go! :)
*update: as a comprehensive workshop student, I am entitled to discounts everytime I purchase from their shop, yay! :) thank you ms. Sheryll of suesh for the good news! 


  1. Thanks for the tip, Karla! My sis loves her Suesh brushes! They are very durable indeed! Followed you! ♥


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