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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Food Post: Wildflour Cafe and Bakery Cronuts

Have you tried the latest food fad yet?
Cronut or croughnut is a hybrid of a donut and croissant. It is usually topped with a flavored icing with a custard filling in the middle. We're lucky enough that Wildflour cafe and bakery decided to adapt this idea from NY. This way, many Filipinos can have a taste of this wonderful treat!

So far, I have tried cronuts from wildflour, cafe france and krispy kreme. For me wildflour has the best tasting cronuts and truly worth the trip (im from batangas), the price and the wait. 

What I like about wildflour's cronuts:
- crisp! 
- not overly sweet
- not oily!
- baked fresh daily (or per selling hours)
- generous amount of filling and topping

Hidden mickey!

I've tried wildflour's dulce de leche, chocolate, tiramisu, strawberry and mixed berries cronuts. Chocolate and tiramisu is definitely worth the calories! I will be happy to travel an hour just to buy those two flavors. 

Premium cronuts: 150 php (dulce de leche and tiramisu)
Regular cronuts: 120

Selling hours:
I'm not sure about the time but I believe they sell cronuts around noon and 3 in the afternoon. Make sure that you're within the area 30 minutes before the said selling hours as lines can go pretty long (and they run out of cronuts pretty fast!). You may also call the cafe if you wish to order and pick it up the following day.

Try it, yes?

My apologies for any mispelled words and grammatical errors. I typed this post using my mobile phone.

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