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Monday, March 4, 2013

Highlights of my Las Vegas Adventure part 1

Hello everyone! I just noticed that I have not uploaded even a single blog for February. Apologies, I have been very busy the previous month which is why I'll be posting a fairly long blog today. I know this was due for 2 or 3 months now, but better late than never right? 

My husband and I spent Christmas in Vegas. I have to be honest, I hate, REALLY hate, did I say hate? truly hate long flights. Our flights (connecting) were delayed twice which totally drained my energy if not only for the strawberry shortcake I ate at 2:00 am which then caused my heart burn few hours after. 

We booked 5 nights at Planet Hollywood, it was placed right in the middle of The Strip. I barely had enough sleep on our first day which is why I should warn you now that I'll look horrible in the next few pictures.

Our first day was spent by touring the north (or south, sorry not sure nor can I remember) block of The Strip. Of course, as "common" tourists, we had a picture on every single Hotel we passed by. (Just a side note: Hotels are better in manila in terms of cleanliness, service and much much more. Just my opinion though.) On to the hotel photos!

Most, if not all, Hotels have a mini shopping mall inside. In Planet Hollywood there were shops for H&M, Sephora, Gap, Jamba Juice and many more. 

Planet Hollywood at night. 
Las Vegas is even more beautiful when all lights are up.
The Bellagio. Ocean's 11?

If you visit Vegas, The Bellagio's fountain show shouldn't be missed. It runs every 30 minutes beginning at 7:00pm.

Me on the second day. I think I look quite decent now after a good sleep.

It was freezing cold at that time, having breakfast outside is considered mad for people accustomed to tropical weather. But but but, Pink's hotdog was just beside the hotel and we really had to try it!
If you have been watching throw-down with Bobby Flay, then you have probably seen the episode where Bobby's hot dog sandwich was completely annihilated by Pink's, a popular hot dog store frequent by many Hollywood celebrities.

It was worth the frostbite, just kidding.

'll be sharing more about my Las Vegas trip on my next blog entry. Enjoy this post for now!

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