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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Eat Out: Yabu, The house of Katsu.

It's 12-12-12! The last repetitive date we will ever see. 
First of all I just want to voice out an opinion of mine about food blog/photos. I've seen a couple of facebook status saying that people who take pictures of their food, checks-in on posh places and the like are social climbers. I personally do those things (check-in if internet is available) and I don't think it is a bad thing! I ENJOY seeing other people's food photos and more often than not, search blogs about a restaurant for reviews before dining. Food Photos make me drool and when I see something interesting, I ask my husband if we could try the place. We learn and discover new things through one another. Majority of the blogs I follow here is about food and I never thought of the malicious "social climber" issue. If it irks you so much then maybe you shouldn't look, right?

Enough of that, Few weeks ago (or probably months) I've read and seen photos of this new Japanese restaurant in Megamall called YABU. Everyone from the food blogsphere probably tried it and I thought that I should wait a while to avoid the huge crowd. 

My husband preparing his dip
Upon ordering, You'll be given a cup (per person) of sesame seeds to grind.

I got the Hire (pork tenderloin, fat trimmed off) set. It came with miso soup, fruits, ginger plus unlimited cabbage and rice. I am terribly sorry as I forgot the price for this set but I'll post an estimate cost per head at the end of this blog.

My husband's Rosu set (had a bit of fat)

me :) 

If you plan to dine here, prepare about 500 pesos per person. I normally just ask for water but we decided to try their homemade iced tea which costs 90+ per order (refillable), if you skip ordering these then you can set a budget of 400/person.

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