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Monday, October 1, 2012

Polymer Clay: Up to something

Polymer clay doll heads

I've been running my polymer clay business for 5 years now. I had my ups and lows, gained new friends and learned what "hard-earned" money is all about. During my first year in the business, a lot of people will question me why I charge so much when they "think" that rolling a piece of clay is a breeze and the material itself is pretty much affordable. 

On every tv interview I had, I always say that I started with a capital of 1,000 pesos. But that's just a third of the story, the remaining "capital" had been invested ever since the day I was born, my hands. I taught my students that it is not the materials but our skills/talents that our clients are paying for. Polymer clay became vast and popular and more often than not, you will see the same design from different stores but will never look alike because two different set of hands made them - they will never be the same.

Being one of the pioneers on polymer clay here in The Philippines had a few advantages of creating designs that were first seen on my website, like my "little miss" collection. It evolved into different interpretations and today it is one of the most popular polymer clay design. 

Last week, I had a message from the owner of Backstage (where I consign my items for those who can't buy online) for an order of a local artist for these clay dolls. I was excited and immediately asked for the pegs to be sent to my e-mail. I was even more surprised that all the clay dolls will be given to more local celebrities, talk about exposure! :)

If you want to know who these people are, stay tuned! :) I have a week's lead time so I probably wont update anytime soon! Haha :) It is a busy week for me!


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog, Karla. :)

    Oooh these are the cuteeest! I was into Polymer clays too! but i got too busy with other stuff. hmm i might make a photo blogpost of it soon.

    Hope you could follow back,
    Ms. Jonnie

    1. Hi Jonnie, thanks for dropping by! followed you back :)

  2. Hello Karla its good to know that you are playing so many roles in life as a mom, wife, an artist and more. Special I like clay art as I am also arts and craft lover and always loves to know and search for something new in model making.


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