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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tutorial: my 10-minute make-up routine

I end up rushing most of the time and because of that I've mastered my own 10-minute make-up ritual right after I dry my hair. Sometimes, I can do this in 5 minutes (depending on how pressured I am). Nonetheless, I am able to moisturize, conceal, apply bb cream and put on make-up. Here's how I do it:

my face with bb cream applied.

Take a medium brown or in my case a light bronze eye shadow and blend it to your crease. In a swirling motion, bring the eyeshadow down to your lids. - you can do this if you want deeper color on your crease and outer v like mine, if not you can just use a flat shading brush and pat the color to your lids.

Line your eyes with a creamy eyeliner - doesn't need to be perfect. then smudge using a flat brush. brush it on half of your lower lashline too.

Curl and apply mascara to lashes. 

If you have dark eyebrows you can go with just a clear gel and use a clean mascara wand to brush them in place. But for *lucky* girls like me who have gray ones, I always apply eyebrow color.

Apply blush and lipstick, you're ready to go! :)


  1. this is a not-related-comment-to-any-of-your-posts. :P

    I can't see your cbox po kasi eh. so I'll leave one here :) Palagi po ako sa Sto. Tomas kapag niyayaya ako ng bff ko paManila, dun po ako natulog :)

    nice to meet you here in blogosphere ate karla :D
    stay pretty :D


    1. Hi! Was editing my layout earlier and i kinda messed up, accidentally deleted my cbox :( thanks! Nice to meet you here as well! :)

    2. PS. I wanna learn how to mix colors with eye shadows. I wish I could do your smokey eyes tutorial sometime. :)

  2. That looks very soft and pretty! :D I like it, might try it out for events one day.

  3. Thank you Chikage! Yay! Please do try it and share it to me :D glad you like it <3

  4. Beautiful Karla! And that you can do this in 10 mins is even more admirable! GALENG! :)

    The Misty Mom

    PS - Will be having a BIG GIVEAWAY soon! Do follow if you wanna be updated about it:)

    1. Hi Shari, thank you! :) will check it out :)


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