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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thoughts: Magnum Choco-Cappuccino

A few days ago I saw the launch of the new magnum flavor thru people I follow on Instagram. If you personally know me, I am not a fan of Magnum. When I first tried it, (The Almond one I think) I was completely disappointed despite the raves of other people. In my opinion it was more of a hype for status quo, don't ask.

Going back to the Instagram news: I admit, I was excited because of the "coffee" flavor. Anything Coffee and Chocolate attracts me so imagine my anticipation. My husband and I went out last night to watch a movie (yes, you can guess) and on our way home we passed by 7-11. Apparently, this flavor is only (or first) available at 7-11 stores! Without hesitation we bought 2 pieces.

I thought of sharing one piece first since we're still in the car but my husband said no so I opened both packs. My husband was the first to try and he immediately told me it was way too sweet and passed it to me, I tried it and again the disappointment came back. I COULD BARELY TASTE THE COFFEE  :( It was indeed very sweet considering I'm a sweet tooth, The "belgian" chocolate coating had these sugar bits that completely over-powered everything. Speaking of the sugar bits, I tried eating it alone just to really know what it was.. Shouldn't have done that! - It tasted like burnt caramel that you can find at the bottom of a leche flan pan, again..burnt. Now that I had 2 sticks on hand, I forced myself to eat both otherwise It will melt and create a mess inside the car (plus it was traffic!). I failed on consuming both, fortunately we got home in time and threw the remaining magnum.

I was hoping for a more intense coffee taste, It did have a "bit" of that but it was barely there. I should have bought the "berry strawberry" ice cream that caught my eye when we opened the ice cream fridge. :(

xoxo: this is my own opinion on the said ice cream, some may have different thoughts about it so if you are curious, no one's stopping you to buy one. :)


  1. haven't tried other flavors of Magnum except Classic :P


  2. Classic is the best out of the four flavors for me. :)


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