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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Falsies or no falsies

I'm not a huge fan of false eye lashes. Unlike others who wear them on a day-to-day basis to make their eyes look dolly, I find myself too lazy and thought that these were just for special occasions. Despite having very thin and short lashes I would settle with just curling my lashes (which ends up straight after sometime)-I'm more of an eyebrow-cheek-lip person. (how I wish I had my husband's lashes!)

Lately though I've been allotting time to put on some mascara, my eyes are naturally drooping at the outer end plus my eyes are quite on the hooded set.

most of the time I don't mind the "drooping", I even enhance it with eyeliner sometimes. But when I feel like I want a bit of "lift" I flick my eyeliner up which can also make your eyes appear bigger.

one of my many mannerisms-I tilt my head unconsciously, sorry about that.

There are different kinds of falsies, you can also find cheap ones at the Landmark which comes with a small tube of lash glue. I got mine from Suesh. I recommend using tweezers in handling falsies on your first few tries. Apply lash glue at the base and wait for it to be a bit tacky. Do not put it on right after applying glue, it will just slide off.

got this at beauty bar, I think it was around 200 pesos. the best lash glue is Duo-for me.

The most recommended way of applying your falsies is to start at the middle then using the other end of the tweezers, slightly push it to adhere to your lashline (as close as possible!) then move towards the corners.
I think it actually depends on which way you're most comfortable with in applying falsies, it was more of a trial and error for me.

(your) left-with false eye lashes. right-without
see the difference? 

It also helps that you curl your lashes and apply mascara first before putting on your falsies.mine doesn't make much of a difference because they're too short! :)

Quick demo for eye make-up:

 For my lids I used kitten by Stila (see #1 on the image below) then added a light purple eyeshadow (#2)

Lastly, I used a dark purple eyeshadow from revlon (bottom) for my outer V then blended it to my crease.
 I used a gel liner from elf and tightlined it with a purple liner from wet and wild
at the end of the day, applying falsies is still something not for me! - haha, I'm too lazy for it and I feel over the top when I wear one. I'd definitely wear this on special occasions only and also my husband can be quite picky on how I look, he wants me to look not too made up but definitely not like a pale colorless walking zombie. :)

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