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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Photoshoot with Vincent and Avi

Working with people you are comfortable with is not quite easy to come by, that's why when I work with people who I just met (especially with make-up gigs) I try my best to let them feel comfortable with me. With my last shoot, I think I got too comfortable that I worked in such a slow pace and to top it off I was also late :( I am terribly sorry Vincent and Avi!!!!!!!

Vincent is one of those that I can say I'm very fond of. He reminds me so much of my brother, I DO wish that I did tell him (in person) and not freak him out haha :) This was my second time working with him, he's such an awesome photographer with a great personality to back it up.

Model: Avi Ebalo
After a year of planning a photoshoot with Avi, finally, we were able to have time (and a cool theme) to make it happen! If you've read my previous blogs, you'd know that I am obsessed with eyebrows. Me being creepy got instantly insecure with her eyebrows, haha. I told her anyway. :) Such a sweet and pretty woman only that she called me "super chubby" haha, bitter parin ako? joke lang :)

Products used:
Primer: Smashbox
Foundation: Revlon Photoready foundation
eyes: Sleek I-divine palette
Stila smudgestick
Mascara: Maybelline super film
lashes: suesh
blush and contour: Elf contour kit
lips: Maybelline
Eyebrows: a dark matte brown eyeshadow from my stila palette

Hair and make up by Karla Casabal

Photographer: Vincent Patrick Chang

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