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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tutorial: Daytime Smokey Eyes

First monday of the month! It's starting to get cold here, am already busy planning for our christmas party program (yes, I am that excited!) since our family is hosting the reunion this year. hmm... Anyway! I thought of doing a make-up tutorial today, I *might* be able to do another one later this evening since I'm going out but if I don't post it later, I'll definitely do it tomorrow.

I know you've heard of the "Smokey eyes", I translate it as "evening eyes" not until I joined classes, photoshoots and other make-up related activities. I eventually learned that there is a "Daytime smokey eyes" and I thought, hmmm... not exactly what I would wear on a day while walking around somewhere but something you can wear on special occasions, photo shoots and probably at work (depends on the nature of your work).

Let's start!
First off, wash your face, remove excess oil with an oil film, moisturize, apply eye cream *optional* (sorry about my eyes, I slept late last night), prime then apply foundation!

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in Medium beige
Smashbox photo finish primer and benefit porefessional
Etude House Surprise me concealer stick #2
Prime your eyes. From my Estee Lauder palette, I used a medium brown matte eye shadow to deepen my crease.
From the same palette, I took a pearly white eyeshadow using my flat eyeshadow brush and pat it on my lids.

With my sleek palette, I took a shimmery dark brown/bronze eyeshadow and placed it on my outer v. Slowly blend it to your crease.

With my bullet eye shadow brush, I took a small amount of matte black eyeshadow from my sleek palette and placed it on my outer v-only the outer v.

highlight your browbone, and inner corner of your eyes.

I forgot the brand of this! I need to ask my sister, I got it from her.
 Using the shimmery brown/bronze eye shadow, line your lower lashline then use a white eyeliner to line your waterline.

Line your lashline with a creamy black liner-doesn't have to be perfect. I used my Stila smudge stick. then using a small brush (you can also use cotton buds) carefully smudge your eyeliner.

I rarely use an eyebrow pencil simply because I don't like it that much. I often use an eyeshadow to fill in my brows because it looks softer and more natural-just make sure that you chose a matte one, okay? (I'll do a separate tutorial on how I do this with proper grooming). I took a dark brown eyeshadow using a small angled brush.

contour. using an angled brush sweep a bronzer just below your cheek bones. you can also do the "3" swipe for contouring which I'll be *again* making a separate tutorial.

I used the elf duo for contouring and blush (they say this is a dupe for Nars' orgasm)

lastly, curl your lashes and apply mascara. I have very short lashes! I use a lash primer first before applying  mascara.

for your lips, remove dead skin cells, apply lip balm and swipe on your lipstick. I used toffee cream from maybelline.

And you're ready to go!

Hope you like it! try it out okay? :)

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