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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tutorial: Day to Night Look

Time for a new tutorial! 
Sorry about my dark circles, I haven't been sleeping well lately. I thought of doing a transition look from day to night. I used the "no make-up" look for my "day" and for the "night" look I used blue instead of the usual black and brown. Disclaimer: this tutorial is full of images, some may take a while to load.

Day Look 
I already moisturized, primed, concealed and applied foundation on my face.

Bare eyes
Apply eye primer. I used Proof 10 eye primer by Etude house
From my Sleek Palette (Please see eyeshadow marked #1) I took a shimmery beige eyeshadow and pat it on my lids using a flat brush.
Sleek I-divine Palette
Lined my eyes with Stila smudge stick. You can use any creamy eyeliner either in black or brown. I used black in this tutorial.
Using a flat brush, smudge your eyeshadow. On your outer v, carefully brush the eyeliner upwards to create depth. - you can skip this if not comfortable.)
using the same brush line your lower lashline. Line your waterline with a white liner- this makes your eyes look bigger and fresh.

Apply blush, fill in your eyebrows and use your day time lipstick. I used a pink blush from prestige and toffee cream from maybelline for my lips.
And you're done with the day look! :) now let's say it's a friday night and your friends invited you to party after work, you wouldn't want to go with this look unless you'd be glad to look pale and washed out on photos.

Night Look

Take out your palette again and check for dark, shimmery eye shadows. I used the blue ones marked 2 and 3.
Using a flat brush, use a pewter-blue shimmery eyeshadow and place it on half of your lids : You can fill your WHOLE lids but if you want a bit of *light* on the inner corners of your eyes, do this. Blend it slowly to your crease with a blending/bullet brush.
Take a darker/deeper blue eyeshadow (Check #3) and pack it on your outer v. Blend it to your crease but only on the outer half.

Using #2 eyeshadow, I lined my lower lashline.

Re-line your eyeliner if you must, curl and apply mascara on your lashes - falsies are great too! Time to change your lippie too! to make it look balanced, use a nude or anything toned down to match your smokey eyes. I used French Rose from Revlon.

If you haven't noticed yet, I have hooded eyes which means my crease sort of disappears when I open my eyes.The top (brow bone area) eats up a lot of space and is the culprit for my missing crease. It is also important to know your eye-type because some eyeshadow looks might need a little adjustment for others. Not sure what yours is? show me a picture of you and I'll help you figure it out! :)

I have been thinking of doing a video tutorial since it's much more easier to understand than just a bunch of photos right? - maybe not or maybe when I have enough courage to make one. :P

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  1. Hi! How was the sleek palette?! is the quality good!? :)

    anyways... I hope you can check out my blog! I am currently having a birthday giveaway! ♥ I hope to see you there!

    1. Hi michelle!

      Yes! The palette is really good! Color pay off is amazing plus it's super affordable considering the quality of this product. Thanks, will check it out :)

  2. nice tutorial (^_^) I followed you already. Keep Blogging :)


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