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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Alex & Arnold's wedding 11-12-11

That's me with the mom of the bride :) 
Make up : Karla Casabal
Hair: Sophia of Cut Salon

I love that she was very particular with her make up especially when it comes to her eyebrows. At make up school, eyebrows is what I had my teacher teach me over and over again! I'm still on the hunt for the MUFE eyebrow corrector, it's just too bad that it's always out of stock :(

I did make up on 6 people that day: moms of the bride and groom, 1 ninang and 3 from the entourage. I particularly enjoyed doing make up on the moms (and ninang) because they were very *kikay* to begin with. haha! The only thing that I regret in this event is that I was too pre-occupied with making these people beautiful that I forgot to take before and after shots! *sad* most of the photos here were group shots :( oh well, I'll try to remind myself next time!

I did both of their make ups! as I said, I wasn't able to take before shots, hence no before picture for the ninang :( (before shot of the ento courtesy of Alex Guray Photography.)

Ninang (as what I called her during that day hehe) was a professional singer before, she told me that as a performer she was always made up that's why it was a breeeeeze putting an eyeliner on her! :) on the other hand, the girl on her side was very friendly! Her skin was almost perfect, I did not need to conceal that much. :)

Me with the mother of the groom.
she was very quiet and had the least *requests*, I think it was her daughter who asked me to give her eyebrows hehe :) since she had very thin eyebrows I drew a new one for her. I personally believe that making your eyebrows a bit thicker makes you look younger (well, not that thick of course hehe)

Lia (pretty girl beside the groom.) one of the secondary sponsors.
(Photo courtesy of Alex Guray Photography.) 
Lia told me that she was acidic, so I used a foundation 2 shades lighter than her skin tone as her skin will make it appear darker in the next few hours. She was very easy to handle too! :)
Thank you so much Ma'am Alex for the trust! I really enjoyed making your girls beautiful and I felt very well received by them. :) Congratulations to the both of you!! :)


Products used: Smashbox photofinish primer, Revlon Foundation, various concealers, prestige and revlon eyeshadows, prestige/elf/revlon eyeliners, eyelid primer, elf/prestige blush and contour, maybelline/max factor lip colors. *I may have forgot some*

ps: I don't have a picture of the other girl :( *sad* I think she left earlier than the rest so I was not able to ask for a picture :(


  1. Karla!!! You're work is AMAZING!!! My moms and entire entou loved you soooooo mucccchhh!!! thanks again for making them look beautiful during one of my important days!!!!

    ~ Alex Garcia

  2. The pleasure is mine ma'am Alex! thank you so much for the trust and opportunity! God bless you and your husband more :)


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