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Monday, October 10, 2011

Vintage Make-up

Think 1920s to 40s. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a decent photo of my night bridal look from my class before so I'm adding this vintage make-up instead.

In the early years, Make-up trend was less wearable (well, it was back then), the opted for a very bright face combined with a very light or sparkly eye make up. In one of our lessons, we challenged ourselves to give this a more wearable look. The main focus of vintage make up are: Eyebrows, eyeliner, drooping eyes and red lips.

I used cream make up for the contour and highlights, for the eye, I used a bit of white added with silver to get that sparkle and matched it with one earth tone. For the eyeliner you'll never go wrong with a cat's eye look if you want a vintage make-up. :) I made it a bit thicker though since this look requires "exaggerated eyeliners". The cheeks wasn't much of a deal before so I used a a very light brush of rose blush. Made the model's eyebrows thicker and *squarish* at the tip and lastly, the most sought-after red lips of the early 90s. :)

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